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What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About You?

Hello everybody! The Monster here. I just wanted to drop in and talk about zodiac signs for a minute. The following is a list of possible health issues with each sign.

Aries- controls all the head and brain related ailments leading to headaches, tooth issues, and teeth grinding.

Taurus-  controls the throat, insulin production in the body and the lower jaw. Can get severe throat infections, thyroid, tonsillitis, and stiff neck and ear infections. 

Gemini- controls the body limbs and the respiratory system. Prone to common colds and tend to fall ill with a severe viral fever, cough and tendonitis.

Cancer- controls the stomach and digestive system. Tend to have intestinal problems, acidic stomach and indigestion.

Leo- controls the heart and the blood running through the body. Can be prone to heart disease, lethargy, and back problems.

Virgo- controls what food to eat and all the organs that control the taste buds. Prone to food allergies, ulcers, constipation and other stomach ailments.

Libra- controls the bladder and kidneys. Prone to kidney malfunctions and severe bladder inflammation.

Scorpio- control the hormones and reproductive system. Can have Irregular menstruation, diabetes and bladder infections.

Sagittarius- control the liver, eyesight and thighs.  Prone to impaired vision, spinal injuries and even detoxification issues.

Capricorn- now this is my sign so I had to pay attention here. Controls the bones especially those in the knees. Can be weak in the bones and joints. True to a degree. As I age I can defiantly feel it, but who can't.

Aquarius- controls the ability to move limbs and the body as a whole. Could suffer from heart ailments, arthritis, swelling in limbs, asthma, varicose veins and allergies.

Pisces- controls the reflexes and the nervous system. Prone to depression, weak immune systems and are vulnerable to many diseases.

So there you go! That's the list. Do you agree or disagree with it? The take away for me is to pay attention to your health and listen to your body. Your zodiac says a lot about you, so announce it to the world with our Zodiac Leggings which you can buy here













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